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Ab -
Abba -
The more formal Hebrew term for "father," is also a title of the sephirah of Chokmah, just as Aima, "mother," is a title for Binah.
Abdaron -
Angel of the second decanate of Aquarius.
Aboha -
Angel of the third decanate of Sagittarius.
The impassible barrier that separates the world of Atziluth from the lower three worlds on the tree of life. This concept is associated with the invisible sephirah Da'at.
Achad -
Achodraon -
Lord of the Triplicity by Night for Libra.
Latin for acquiring, this geomantic figure corresponds to Sagittarius and Fire and is ruled by Jupiter and Hismael. Its basic meaning is success, profit, and gain, something within one’s grasp. Acquisto is favorable in all material matters.
Adam -
"Man." A title used for the Kerub of Air.
Adam Kadmon -
The Archetypal Man, or literally "ancient or primordial man." His feet are planted in Malkuth and Kether is just above his head. This archetype is symbolically invoked in the Qabalictic Cross Ritual.
From the latin adeptus, meaning "skillful." A title given to a member of the Second, Inner, Rosicrucian Order, alluding to their high level of spiritual mastery, having completed the Outer Order school of training.
Adeptus Exemptus
The Exempt Adept. The Highest grade, 7=4 degree, of the Second Order corresponding to Chesed.
Adeptus Major
The Major Adept. 6=5 degree of the Second Order corresponding to Geburah.
Adeptus Minor
The Minor Adept: the first and lowest 5=6 grade of the Inner Rosicrucian Order. It is divided into grades of Neophyte Adeptus Minor (NAM), Zelator Adeptus Minor (ZAM), Theoricus Adeptus Minor (ThAM), etc. This grade is associated with the sephirah of Tiphareth.
Adonai -
Divine name meaning "My Lord." This name is invoked in the south in the LBRP.
Adonai ha-Aretz -
Divine name meaning "Lord of the earth." This name corresponds to the element of earth and the sephirah of Malkuth.
Adonai Melekh -
Divine name meaning "Lord King." This name corresponds to the element of earth and the sephirah of Malkuth.
Advakiel -
Archangel of Sagittarius.
Aesch Metzareph - -
Hebrew for "purifying fire." This is the name of an 17th-century alchemical text.