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Agiel -
The Intelligence of Saturn.
Agla -
This Divine name is a notariqon of the phrase Atah Gebur Le-Olam Adonai which translates as "Thou art powerful forever, my Lord." This name is invoked in the North in the LBRP.
Ahavah -
Ahoz -
Lord of the Triplicity by Day for Sagittarius.
Aima -
"Mother." Aima is a name associated with Binah, as Abba, "father," is a name associated with Chokmah.
Aima Elohim -
"Mother of God."
Ain -
"Nothing." The highest of the Three Veils of Negative Existence.
Ain Soph -
"Limitless" or "without end." The middle of the the Three Veils of Negative Existence.
Ain Soph Aur -
"Limitless light" or "light without end." The lowest of the Three Veils of Negative Existence, just above Kether.
Aiq Bekar -
A tool used in the Qabalastic art of Gematria, also referred to as the "Qabalah of Nine Chambers." The 22 Hebrew letters along with the five Sophit letters, allots the amount of three letters and numerical values for each of the nine squares. They are arranged numerically by powers of ten. The values of the first square 1, 10, and 100 are attributed to the letters Aleph, Yod, and Qoph, which is where the word Aiq comes from. The word Bekar comes from the second square whos values of 2, 20, and 200 are attributed to the letters Beth, Kaph, and Resh.
Air -

This elemental energy has the qualities of heat and moisture. The color associated with Air is Yellow, and its flashing color is Violet. Air reflected in the Microcosm represents the powers of the mind and intellect.

Akaiah -
Shem Angel of the first quinance of Virgo.
Tattwa associated with the element of spirit. The image of Akasha is a black or deep indigo ovoid or egg.
Akel -
Lord of Triplicity by night for Cancer.
Latin for white, this geomantic figure corresponds to Gemini and Air and is ruled by Mercury and Taphthartharath. Its basic meaning is peace, wisdom, purity; a favorable figure, but weak. Albus is good for beginnings and for profit.
Aldiah -
Shem Angel of the fourth quinance of Virgo.
Aleph -
The first letter of the Hebrew Alphabeth. It literally means "ox," has the phonetic value of "A", and has a numerical value of 1. It is further attributed to the Element of Air and the Tarot Trump The Fool.
Alinkir -
Angel of the third decanate of Cancer.
Aloyar -
Lord of the Triplicity by Night for Capricorn.
Amamiah -
Shem Angel of the fourth quinance of Aries.
Ambriel -
Archangel of Gemini.
Amen -
Hebrew notariqon for the phrase Adonai Melekh Na'amon, which translates as "Lord, faithful King." Its general meaning is "so be it," or "so shall it be."
Latin for loss, this geomantic figure corresponds to Taurus and Earth and is ruled by Venus and Kedemel. Its basic meaning is favorable for love or in situations where loss is desired, but very unfavorable for gain. Amissio often represents something outside one’s grasp.
Amnitziel -
Archangel of Pisces.
An object that has been ritualistically charged with specific energies to a desired task, such as vitality, protection, or courage, and is intended to be worn as a charm.