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Da'ath -
Hebrew for "knowledge," this word refers to the invisible sephirah, as it is called, on the tree of life. Da'at is not a true sephirah, but is more attributed to the abyss or barrier between Atziluth and Briah.
Feminine form of Dadouchos.
Greek for "torch bearer," this officer in the Golden Dawn temple consecrates the hall and those present with fire, via the censer and incense, and assumes the Egyptian Godform of Thaumaesch.
Daleth -
The fourth letter of the Hebrew Alphabeth. It literally means "door," has the phonetic value of "D," and has a numerical value of 4. It is further attributed to the Planet Venus and the Tarot Trump The Empress.
Damabiah -
Shem Angel of the fifth quinance of Gemini.
Daniel -
Shem Angel of the second quinance of Aries.
A term used in astrology referring to a phase of ten degrees. There are three decanates for each of the twelve Zodiacal signs, making a full circle of 360 degrees.
Motion following the course of the sun and the rise of light, or clockwise.