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Earth -

The elemental energy has the qualities of cold and dryness. The colors associated with Earth are black, olive, citrine, and russet. This element reflected in the Microcosm represents the physical body.

Greek for "watcher." This is a thought form created by magical means. An egregore can exist n a microcosmic level of an individual or can affect a group or entire culture.
Eheieh -
Hebrew for "I am," this divine name is associated with Kether. Additionally, this name is invoked in the west in the LBRP.
El -
Hebrew for "God," this divine name is associated with Chesed.
Eloah - or
Hebrew for "God," this is a variation on the name El, with the letter Heh suffixed to the name, the letter which shows a feminine nature when affixed to the end of a word. Eloah is also the singular form of Elohim.
One of three basic energy categories (elemental, planetary, astrological). There are four elemental energies: fire, water, and air combined make earth. The source of all these elements is the fifth element of spirit. The sum of these five elements comprises the the Microcosm and are represented in the pentagram.
A spirit of nature that is composed entirely of one element. The four elementals are: Sylphs for air, Salamanders for fire, Undines for water, and Gnomes for earth.
Elemiah -
Shem Angel of the fourth quinance of Leo.
Emerald Tablet -
An ancient alchemical text authored by Hermes Trismegistus.
Elohim -
Hebrew for "Gods," this divine name is actually a masculine plural form of the feminine divine name Eloah. This implies a state of sexual balance in this aspect of the divine. This name is also given to the choir of angels associated with Netzach and the Sphere of Venus.
Elohim Gibor -
Hebrew for "Almighty God," this divine name is associated with Geburah and Mars.
Enochian -
An angelic language discovered by Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelly through extensive skrying work under the governance of the Archangel Michael.
Esh -
Hebrew for "fire."
Eth -
Word comprised of the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet, similar to the Alpha et Omega derived from the Greek alphabet. It is attributed to the element of spirit.
Etz ha-Chayim -
Hebrew for "Tree of Life."
A ritual, ceromony, or prayer that is designed to evoke a spirit.
From the Latin evocare meaning "to call." This refers to the art of calling a spirit, astrally or physically, in visable appearance. [compare to invoke]

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