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Gabriel -
Hebrew for "Strength of God," this Archangel governs the element of Water, the sephirah of Yesod, and the Moon.
Gan Eden -
Hebrew for "Garden of Eden."
Geburah - -

Hebrew for "power," this is the name of the fifth sephirah on the tree of life.

Gedulah -
Hebrew for "greatness, magnificence, or glory," this is a title associated with Chesed.
Gematria -
The Qabalistic science or art of numbers. Given that every Hebrew letter is ascribed a numerical value, every Hebrew word also has a value of the sum of its parts. These numbers reveal hidden meaning behind the words and when two words or phrases are found to have a mathematical relationship, they have some apparent or hidden connection.
Gemini -
Astrological sign of Mutable Air, literally "twins."
Gerodiel -
Angel of the third decanate of Aquarius.
Giel -
Angel over the third Astrological House.
Gihon -
River of Eden associated with the element of Water.
Gimel -
The third letter of the Hebrew Alphabeth. It literally means "camel," has the phonetic value of "G", and has a numerical value of 3. It is further attributed to the Moon and the Tarot Trump The High Priestess.
Elemental Earth Spirits.
Graphiel -
Hebrew for "the Mighty of God," this is the name of the Intelligence of Mars.
The lowest aspect of the human persona or soul, associated with Malkuth and the physical body.