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Latin for joy, this geomantic figure corresponds to Pisces and Water and is ruled by Jupiter and Hismael. Its basic meaning is happiness and health. Laetitia is favorable in almost all questions.
Lamed -
The twelvth letter of the Hebrew Alphabeth. It literally means "ox goad," has the phonetic value of "L," and has a numerical value of 30. It is further attributed to the Zodiacal sign Libra and the Tarot Trump Justice.
Laslara -
Lord of Triplicity by day for Virgo.
Laviah -
Shem Angel of the fifth quinance of Virgo. Also the name of the Shem Angel of the fifth quinance of Libra.
Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.
Lebarmim -
Lord of the Triplicity by Night for Sagittarius.
Lehachiah -
Shem Angel of the fourth quinance of Capricorn.
Lekabel -
Shem Angel of the first quinance of Capricorn.
Lelahel -
Shem Angel of the sixth quinance of Leo.
Leo -
Astrological sign of Kerubic Fire, literally "lion."
Le-Olahm -
Hebrew for "forever."
Levanah -
Hebrew for the "white or pale one," this is the word for the Moon.
Libra -
Astrological sign of Cardinal Air, literally "scales."
Losanahar -
Angel of the first decanate of Leo.
Luviah -
Shem Angel of the first quinance of Scorpio.
Latin for "light." Each letter is attributed to an Egyptian god: L to Isis Mourning, V to Apophis and Typhon, and X to Osiris Slain and Risen. Correlates to the formula of IAO.