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Nakhiel -
The Intelligence of the Sun.
Nanael -
Shem Angel of the fifth quinance of Aries.
Nathdorinel -
Lord of the Triplicity by Night for Pisces.
Nelakiel -
Shem Angel of the third quinance of Scorpio.
Nemamiah -
Shem Angel of the third quinance of Taurus.
An Egyptian Headdress.
From the Greek neophytos for "newly planted," this refers to the first and lowest grade of the Golden Dawn, (0)=[0], the Child of the First Step.
Nephesch -
The lower nature of the spirit of man, which corresponds to Yesod. The Nephesch, also refered to as the Animal Soul, is intimately tied in with the sphere of sensation. It is the source of such needs as hunger, sexuality, and other survival instincts.
Neschamah -
The higher aspect of the spirit of man, defined as synonomous with the Holy Guardian Angel, the Higher Genius, and the Divine Spark within every human. The Greater Neschamah refers to the aspects of the soul that are in Kether, Chokmah, and Binah. The Lesser Neschamah refers specifically to the lowest point of the Greater Neschamah found in Binah, and to the powers of intuition.
Nesher -
Hebrew for "eagle," this is a term used for the Kerub of Water.
Netzach - -

Hebrew for "victory," this is the name of the seventh sephiroth on the tree of life.

Nithael -
Shem Angel of the sixth quinance of Aries.
Nithahiah -
Shem Angel of the first quinance of Sagittarius.
Nogah -
Hebrew word for the planet of Venus.
Notariqon -
From the Latin notarius for "shorthand writer," a notariqon is a Qabalistic acronym, wherein the first letter of every word in a sentence or phrase are taken to form another word.
Nun -
The fourteenth letter of the Hebrew Alphabeth. It literally means "fish," has the phonetic value of "N", and has a numerical value of 50. It is further attributed to the Zodiacal sign Scorpio and the Tarot Trump Death.
Nundohar -
Angel of the second decanate of Scorpio.
Nun Final
When the letter Nun is placed at the end of a word it is given a different character and a different numerical value of 700.