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Qabalah - -
Hebrew word for "tradition." Derived from the root word qabal, meaning "to recieve," and refers to the teachings that have been handed down through the generations from mouth to ear. The True Holy Qabalah is the key to unlocking the mysteries. As per tradition, these keys are handed down as oral tradition to trusted students who have proven themselves worthy to recieve them, and never written down to keep them from the hands of the profane.
Qabalistic Cross
A basic ritual designed to bring the magician into balance with the elements on the cross. It is performed before and after most ritual magic. It is sometimes abbreviated as "QC."
Qesheth -
Hebrew for "bow," is used as a term for the Rainbow of Promise that God showed forth after the great flood. It also refers to the veil between Assiah and Yetzirah, and the word itself is comprised of the letters of the paths that flow from Yetzirah into Malkuth, or Assiah.
Qlippah -
Hebrew for "shell," refers to the Qlippoth in the singular.
Qlippoth -
Hebrew for "shells," the term Qlippoth refers to the evil demons that inhabit the dead tree of evil that is a shadow of the Tree of Life and is symbolically below Malkuth.
Qoph -
The nineteenth letter of the Hebrew Alphabeth. It literally means "ear" or "back of head," has the phonetic value of "Q", and has a numerical value of 100. It is further attributed to the Zodiacal sign of Pisces and the Tarot Trump The Moon.
Phase of five degrees. In astrology, there are six quinances for each of the twelve zodiacal signs, totalling 72 quinances in all.