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Raadar -
Lord of Triplicity by day for Cancer.
Rahadetz -
Angel of the second decanate of Cancer.
Rahael -
Shem Angel of the third quinance of Cancer.
Ramara -
Lord of the Triplicity by Day for Pisces.
Raphael -
Hebrew for "Healer of God," also called the "Divine Physician." Raphael is the Archangel of the element of Air and of Tiphareth, as well as the Angel of Mercury.
Rayadyah -
Angel of the second decanate of Virgo.
Raydel -
Lord of the triplicity by day for Taurus.
Raziel -
Hebrew for "Herald of God," this is the Archangel of Chokmah.
Rehael -
Shem Angel of the third quinance of Aquarius.
Resh -
The twentieth letter of the Hebrew Alphabeth. It literally means "head," has the phonetic value of "R", and has a numerical value of 200. It is further attributed to Sol and the Tarot Trump The Sun.
Reyayel -
Shem Angel of the fifth quinance of Sagittarius.
Rose Cross -
Also known as the Rosea Crucis, this is one of the central emblems of the Inner Rosicrucian order, or the R.R. et A.C. Its image is one of a red rose upon a gold cross.
Ruach -
Hebrew word that can be defined as "air," "breath," and "spirit." It is used as the word for the element of Air, used in words such as Ruach ha-Qadesh meaning "Holy Spirit." Ruach also refers to the central aspect of the human soul, the "I", that symbolically resides in Tiphareth, vibrating between the Nephesch and the Neschamah.
Ruach Elohim -
Hebrew for "Spirit of God," or "Breath of God."
Ruach ha-Qadesh -
Hebrew for "Holy Spirit."
Latin for red, this geomantic figure corresponds to Scorpio and Water and is ruled by Mars and Bartzabel. Its basic meaning is passion, fierceness, violence, and vice. Rubeus is good in all that is evil and evil in all that is good.