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Shabbathai -
Hebrew for the planet of Saturn.
Shachdar -
Angel of the third decanate of Libra.
Shaddai El Chai -
Hebrew for "Almighty Living God," this is the divine name associated with Yesod and the element of Air.
Sharatiel -
Angel of Leo.
Sharhiel -
Angel of Aries.
Shehadani -
Angel of the second decanate of Gemini.
Shekinah -
The collective feminine aspect of God, defined as the "Presence of God." As the maternal aspect of divinity, the Shekinah is attributed to Binah.
Shelathiel -
Angel of Virgo.
Shem -
Hebrew for "name."
Shem Angel
Refers 72 Angels derived from the Shem ha-Mephoresh, to which each are assigned an astrological quinance.
Shemesh -
Hebrew word for the Sun.
Shem ha-Mephoresh -
The 72-fold Name of God derived from the Biblical verses Exodus 14:19-21. 72 names of three letters each, totaling 216 letters. These 72 names are attributed to the 72 quinances, or phase of five degrees, of the Zodiac. The names of the 72 Shem Angels are formed by adding either the suffix of "el" or "yah" to each of these names of God.
Shin -
The twenty-first letter of the Hebrew Alphabeth. It literally means "tooth," has the phonetic value of "Sh" or "S," and has a numerical value of 300. It is further attributed to the Element of Fire and the Tarot Trump Judgement.
Shor -
Hebrew for "bull" or "ox," this is a title given to the Kerub of Earth and is an equivalent of the Zodiacal Taurus.
Sitael -
Shem Angel of the third quinance of Leo.