Golden Dawn Initiation...
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Greek for "miracle-working," this term refers to magic that causes change in the physical realm.
The third grade of the Golden Dawn, wherein the initiate develops the powers of the mind and of the element of air. This grade is further referred to the sephirah of Yesod and the path of Tav.
Thergebon -
Lord of the Triplicy by Day for Libra.
Greek for "God-working," this term is defined as magical work to create inner changes necessary for the purifcation of the soul, and removing obstacles that stand in the way of a deep relationship with God and communication with one's Holy Guardian Angel. This is the means and end purpose of the outer preperatory school of the Golden Dawn.
Tiphareth - -

Hebrew for "beauty," not vain or low, but royal and harmonious beauty. Tiphareth is the sixth sephirah on the tree of life, and is the central point of balance between mercy and severity, Chesed and Geburah and between spirit and matter, Kether and Malkuth.

Tiriel -
The Intelligence of Mercury.