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Toel -
The Angel over the second house of Taurus.
Totath -
The Lord of the Triplicity by Night for Taurus.
Tree of Life
This diagram of primary importance to the Qabalah, is a map of creation, and is reflected in the spirit of man. It is comprised of 32 paths, or ten sephiroth and 22 connecting paths.
Triangle of Art
A tool of magical evocation, comprised of a circle within a triangle, bound by divine names and the name of the Archangel Michael, so that the spirits brought within this triangle can be kept at bay.
Latin for sadness, this geomantic figure corresponds to Aquarius and Air and is ruled by Saturn and Zazel. Its basic meaning is sorrow, suffering, illness, and pain. Tristitia is unfavorable except in questions dealing with building and the Earth.