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Order Structure

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The Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn is divided into three orders. The First and Outer Order and school of the Golden Dawn is further divided into five grades:

Neophyte Child of the First Step  
Zelator Worker of Earth Malkuth
Theoricus Worker of Air Yesod
Practicus Worker of Water Hod
Philosophus Worker of Fire Netzach

The circle around the numeral represents the degree of spirit and the square represents the degree of material inclination. As you see, as an initiate progresses through the grades they become more spiritual and less bound by the material.

Between the First and the Second Orders is the probationary grade of Portal, the grade of Spirit, which answers neither to the First nor Second Order. The Second Order, which governs the First, is comprised of three basic grades:

Adeptus Minor Minor Adept Tiphareth
Adeptus Major Major Adept Geburah
Adeptus Exemptus Exempt Adept Chesed

The Third Order, which governs the Second Order is comprised of three grades:

Magister Templi Master of the Temple Binah
Magus   Chokmah
Ipsissimus   Kether

The grades of the Third Order are reserved for beings the nature of which Mathers was never certain. Though he believed them to human, he believed the possessed "terrible superhuman powers," and rarely saw them in physical form.