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Invocation of Ptah

I invoke the primal Creator, the first of all Gods. PTAH, he who is not created but simply is....Through him I seek to obtain the light of inspiration to create in every level of my life, as thou causeth the metals to flow through thy veins, may also your creative ambience flow through our sphere, open up our souls, motivate us, and bring into our lives regeneration, rebirth, longevity, and renewal.

By the aid of the most high the Lord of the Universe, by the sign of

stability, and the symbol of life I stand loyal and dedicated to thou Patron of all crafts, trades and arts. Thou has commanded the Gods into existence, created the cities, sanctuaries, shrines, and perpetual offerings. Whatever thy eyes see, thy ears hear, and thy nose breaths comes striaight from thy Heart. PTAH, thy authority is in your utterance, such that through you word all creation came into being . Begetter of men, maker of their lives, creator of the Gods, unto thee I dedicate my life to the father of beginnings. In your honor I dedicate this Temple unto thy name.

In the name of the Lord of the Universe, I call forth PTAH. He who gave life to the Gods by means of his heart and tounge. In the name Eheieh Thee Thee I Invoke. Thou who is clothed in white, wrapped like a mummy, Thee Thee I invoke. Thou whos hands are free, and grip the Septor of Dominion, the djed staff the symbols of Life Stability, and Power. Thee Thee I Invoke. PTAH of Emerald skin, with punt beard wearing a skullcap crown, Thee Thee I Invoke. Thou Who art the High God of Memphis and Master of Destiny, Thee Thee I invoke. He who fashioned the World on a potters wheel. Thee Thee I Invoke.Thou created the great metal plate that was the floor of heaven and the roof of the Sky. Thee, Thee I Invoke. Thou who created the boats for the souls of the dead to use in the afterlife, Thee, Thee I Invoke.

Hail to you Ptah who stands south of his wall. Thou are the Primary motive force in creation. Thou who moves within the wrappings of the forms of Creation. Thou who is preeminent among Gods Thinking and speaking the cosmos into existence. Thou who make fertile the watery mass of heaven and makth flow forth the water on the mountains. Illuminator of the two lands with the fire of his eyes, whom lightest up the Earth with thy brilliant rays of peace. He who announces what is not yet, he who renews what already is, the universe comes into being when thou comes into being everyday.

PTAH thou art patron of all crafts, trades and Arts. The winds come forth from thy Nostrils. The celestial waters flow forth from thy mouth. The Fires of Life burn forth from tine Heart. When thou art at rest darkness cometh, and when thou openest thy two eyes beams of light are produced. Come thou forth,come thou forth I say, let thy presense be known in the hearts and minds of all present here.

Thou who created the world and all that is in it. Thou who created the frame work of the Universe. What he said in his heart has come into being. The Staff of life proceeds from thy back. PTAH, come thou forth thou who are the fasioner of the firmament and pattern of the Sun and the Moon.

I AM PTAH, the architect of all that is, The Opener, and lord of stability. God of artisans, artists, designers, builders, architects, masons and metalworkers. I am he who created his own image, his own body, begetter of men, maker of their lives, creator of the gods, I am he who passes through eternity and everlastingness. Father of Fathers, Creator of the Eggs of the Sun and the Moon. Mine form is hidden yet I am in all things, Lord of the Hidden Throne, babe, born daily, Lord of years, and giver of life at will. Through me doeth creation flow forth, from mine eternal spark do I bring newness, and regeneration.

PTAH, who gave life to all gods, through his heart and his tounge, so was made all construction and all craft: the hands' doing, the feet's going, and every limbs movement, according as he governs that which the heart thinks, which emerges through the tounge, and which facilitates everything, so has Ptah come to rest after his making everything and every divine speech as well.


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