Golden Dawn Initiation...
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I- Warning XIX- Aims and Means
II- Purity & Will XX- Elementary View of Man
III- Instructions XXI- Know Thy Self
IV- Spirit Vision XXII- Question on Free Will
V- Imagination XXIII- Tattwa Visions
VI- Notes on Flying Roll II XXIV- Horary Figure
VII- Material Alchemy XXV- Clairvoyance
VIII- Geometric Pentagram XXVI- Planets to Tattwas
IX- Right and Left XXVII- On Theurgy
X- Self Sacrifice XXVIII- Use of Implements in Divination
XI- Clairvoyance XXIX- Order by D.D.E.F. as to 4 Lieutenants
XII- Telesmatic Images & Adonai XXX- Tattwas & Hierophant Making 0=0 Sign
XIII- Secrecy and Hermetic Love XXXI- Ethiopic Letters
XIV- Talismans and Flashing Tablets XXXII- Theban Letters
XV- Man and God XXXIII- Enoch Vision
XVI- Fame Fraternitatis XXXIV- An Exorcism by S.S.
XVII- Vault Sides XXXV- Notes on the Exordium of the Z Ritual
XVIII- Progress XXXVI- Skrying and Astral Projection